The Role of Serums in Skin Care

Deimante Narauskaite

MSc Medicinal Chemistry

Expert of Functional Cosmetics Ingredients, Inventor of Novel Cosmetic Products, Cosmetics Visioner

What is a Serum?

Serums are among the most concentrated and powerful skin care products available. Acting like food supplements for your skin, serums contain a high concentration of active substances, including vitamins, antioxidants, and other active ingredients which help to deliver a quick and noticeable effect to the skin.

How Do Serums Differ from Creams?

Unlike creams, serums are usually water-based products that do not contain oils or waxes blocking the entry of smaller molecules into the skin. While creams deliver benefits that are only observable over the long-term, the benefits of serums are more immediately observable due to the concentration of active ingredients they contain. Creams nourish the skin by acting on the outer skin layers, whereas serums are designed to transfer those ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. However, the most effective long-term results are achieved by using a combination of both – creams protect the skin from external factors, while serums address deeper problems.

Are all serums liquid?

Serums are usually formulated as liquids, which in turn may be thinner or more viscous. New generation serums (such as Bious serum) tend to have a liquid consistency with the minimum amount of thickeners, ensuring an optimal delivery of active ingredients. Most of the thickeners can form unwanted complexes with active ingredients and thus reducing their efficacy.

What are the Benefits of Serums?

Serums provide the skin with nutrients and active ingredients and thus result in a variety of positive effects. These include improvements in skin moisture, tone or tightness, the wrinkle smoothing, removal of blemishes, improvement of skin texture, and the nourishing of dry skin. Adding serum to your facial skin care routine is recommended if your skin appears dry, pale, or lacking in radiance, or if you have noticed changes in skin tone or the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Serums are valuable because they help to protect your skin from the effects of the environment and to correct existing skin problems, making it look youthful and radiant.

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